PYD: Silence on Turkish state fascism will make it reckless

The General Council of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) said that the actions of the Turkish fascism are contrary to all international standards related to human and peoples' rights, and stressed that they will have serious consequences and catastrophic repercussions on all the peoples of the region.

The PYD's statement came in response to the Turkish authorities' seizure of the municipalities of Amed, Wan and Mardin in Bakur (northern Kurdistan).

The text of the PYD statement reads:

The Turkish fascism dismissed three mayors elected by the people of northern Kurdistan from their posts and put its followers in their place in an  expected move by an arrogant fascist who does not recognize any democratic move wherever it is, this followed by the democratic rejection reactions erupted throughout Turkey and around the world.

Despite all the means of repression and methods of fraud, the peoples of northern Kurdistan and Turkey were able to win nearly 50 municipalities in northern Kurdistan in the local elections held on 31 March.

Kurdish voices played a prominent role in defeating Turkish fascism in Turkey's main cities, which dealt a severe blow to them all over Turkey, which led them to more brutality and arrogance against the democratic forces, especially the Kurdish people.

The ruling fascism in Turkey stems from the thought of anti-Kurdish people and within the scheme to undermine the Kurdish liberation movement and the elimination of the Kurdish people. Based on this doctrine, the hostility of any democratic gain of the Kurdish people in Kurdistan or in any part of the world has become the basis for all Turkey's internal and external policies, as we witness its continued occupation and aggression against the Kurdish people in Rojava and southern Kurdistan. On the regional and international level, we believe that this fascism is ready to give up everything in order prevent the Kurdish people from any gain or democratic rights.

This Turkish fascist step is not surprising to the Kurdish people and comes within the course of the approach it has committed to since it seized power in Turkey and controlled all legislative, judicial and executive powers within authoritarianism that is not compatible with contemporary values nor the will of the peoples who aspire to more democracy and freedoms. That will, which cannot be defeated in any way, can be obscured or covered up for some time, but it appears as a sweeping torrent to sweep away all the dirt of tyranny to the dustbin of history when the time comes.

The PYD's General Council strongly condemns and denounces the actions of the Turkish government against the Peoples 'Democratic Party(HDP). We believe that the actions of the Turkish fascism is an act that is incompatible with all international standards and standards relating to human and peoples' rights and will have disastrous consequences and catastrophic repercussions for all the peoples of the region. The silence of the international community would makes the fascism regard its behavior as legitimate and will encourage it for further regional and international recklessness and brutality.



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