PYD: organized people able to impose will

On the 18TH annual anniversary of the establishment of the Democratic Union Party, the PYD, it was stressed that the organized people is able to impose its will renewing pledge to proceed the course adopted by martyrs.

In a statement released by the General Council of the Democratic Union Party, the PYD on the 18 annual anniversary of the establishment of the party, the PYD, it was stated:

18 years of fighting in the face of hardships and obstacles then decisive challenges in Rojava and Kurdistan at large. This is the march adopted by our party since born on 20 September 2003 up to date. Our party was established from the objective circumstances that were sweeping the region and from the fact that the organized people is able to impose its will. Taking lessons from the previous experiments of our people in Rojava Kurdistan and from the mass popular push emanating from Kurdistan revolutionary movement in Kurdistan and the Middle East at large to be a vanguard for people and fill the vacuum made by inability of classical and incompetent organizations to lead society.

Since our party was established members and supporters were subject to detention and pressure more specially in the period of close links between heads of Syrian and Turkish regimes, then it was the Qamishlo Revolt where tens of nationals fell martyr under torture. Commanding figures were not spared, Abu Cudi, Shilan, Fu'ad, Cemil, Zacariya and Joan, Othman Daldali martyred under torture and comrade Issa Hiso in a coward bombing.   

In the revolution of the Syrian people we adopted the third line, working by our utmost to organize people of which the right to self defence, opening the way for all political parties and communities to carry duties that gave birth to the Autonomous Administration in spite of all kinds of wars launched by our enemies via terrorist instruments. This war is continuing diplomatically, politically and militarily. 

By virtue of our people in NES our party assumes its place at the vanguard of fighting between community societies and political associations that rose to the occasion and contributed to the building of its associations.

At the end, the party ''pledged to fight corruption and dereliction in all associations and to proceed to enlighten and raise awareness among people until the democratic nation is materialized that is the melting pot of freedom and coexistence''.



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