PYD congratulates World Labor Day

The Democratic Union Party congratulated all workers on World Labor Day noting that Rojava Revolution is a revolution for all workers in the world, pledging to struggle against all forms of exploitation till achieving a  free society. 

On the occasion of World Labor Day, which marks May 1, the General Council of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) issued a statement

The statement said:

With determination and persistence we can achieve goals and gain rights. With this will, the workers of the world moved to fulfill their demands to live in dignity, justice and humanity.

This year we are receiving Labor Day at a time when the people of the region are still suffering from a severe and complex crisis that directly affects the working class of those who are struggling to secure a living for their children away from humiliation and need. But the reality we see in the Middle East, in general, reaffirms that the cause of the crisis is the corrupt policy of the ruling regimes that exploit the goods of their country.

In light of this bitter reality, we must rethink our revolutionary goals and leave no room for the exploiters to benefit from the revolutions of the peoples. In Syria, despite the bloodshed, what happened was the theft of the revolution of a people that wanted to live in freedom and dignity. But the regime, with its corruption,  and the fragile opposition with the extremist factions, choked those attempts. Therefore, in Rojava and northern Syria, we have faced these attempts in the spirit of resistance and by  the workers' insistence, we have also worked to establish a civilizational project that protects the rights of the components of our regions and the rights of the laborers, so as to reach the realization of moral and political society.

We have always been with our people because we are part of it and its cadres for achieving equality and social justice, and we will continue on the same path. On this great day, we also commemorate our comrade Khalid Kuti, member of the General Council of our party, who martyred last year by a landmine planted by a mercenary. Comrade Khalid had the best fighting qualities, fought with his people to defend his land, as a politician who was faithful to his principles and believed in and defended the philosophy of leader Ocalan. Today, on the first anniversary of the martyrdom of our companion Khalid, we see the hopes that he has struggled to transform into reality. We live in the joy of victory over the last strongholds of the Islamic state's mercenaries in al-Bagouz. This is what has been achieved by years of struggle by our people. On our regions, while the resistance of our people to restore Afrin from the Turkish occupier and liberate the land continues with and determination.

PYD congratulates all workers on this great occasion, and we reaffirm that the Rojava Revolution is a revolution for all the oppressed and oppressed in the world; it is a partner of the free world for the realization of a democratic society, and we pledge to fight against all forms of exploitation and we will work to establish Justice, brotherhood and equality; it is the goal of all those who work. We also affirm, in World Labor Day, that resolving the crisis in Syria requires the establishment of a decentralized democratic system based on the representation of the will of all components and salvation from their catastrophic situation.

The division formula that produced Syria a hundred years ago would be the cause of its disintegration now; especially if there is no Syrian will that represents the aspirations of the Syrian people to achieve security and stability and move to a state of democratic change. The tragic situation of the escalation of the Syrian crisis means that it is necessary for no way to produce the reasons that led to its result described in the crisis. When they have the democratic regime of the northern part of Syria is part of the overall national project of a decentralized democratic Syria as a guarantee against the division that has been established by the authoritarian central system . And the necessity of making this project the basis for the democratization of Syria and the re-creation of a new unified Syria in accordance with a pluralistic democratic political system.



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