​​​​​​​PYD conference is continuing with discussing political agenda

The Democratic Union Party’s (PYD) activities of the eighth conference continue in the town of Rmaylan, Qamislo canton, closed to the media, and attendees ended the debate on the party's reports and read and discussed the political agenda after the afternoon.

On Monday, PYD’s 8th conference was launched in the town of Rmaylan, in Qamishlo canton under the slogan "Democratic union defeats occupation, develops Autonomous Administration, builds a democratic Syria", in the presence of 600 delegates from northern and eastern Syria and Kurdistan of Iraq, Europe. In addition to the conference guests, representatives of the Democratic Syrian Council, the Syrian Democratic Forces, the National Coordination Body – change Movement, the Syriac Union Party, the Notables Council in northern and eastern Syria, political and community figures, party representatives in north-eastern Syria, and representatives of parties in north-eastern Syria, and representatives of the parties in north-eastern Syria, and representatives of the parties in north-eastern Syria, and representatives of the parties in north-eastern Syria Autonomous Administration of northeastern Syria, representatives of women's and youth organizations, Kurdish and Arab tribes, as well as a group of intellectuals and academics .

On the second day, after discussing the report of the General Council of the party and the report of the Women's Council, and the reports of the party's offices in northeastern Syria, Europe and Başûr Kurdistan, the conference began to read the party's political program, and will be discussed extensively, and is scheduled to read and discuss the rules of procedure in the afternoon.

The political agenda also touched on the Kurdish issue in the Middle East, explaining that "the political map in the Middle East, which was shaped in World War I, has been drawn in order to shape problematic issues that last at least a century. The 1639 Sherin Palace Agreement between the Safavid and Ottoman states and the 1916 Sykes-Picot Agreement played a game of dividing Kurdistan and tore apart the Kurdish body. The result of Kurdistan's strategic position is influential within regional balances."

The party's political agenda noted several principles the party adopted, namely "relying on the perspective of the democratic nation, working for a Kurdish national conference, working for the freedom of Leader Ocalan and political prisoners, working for national unity and its consolidation in Rojava.

"The PYD party political agenda included several other principles on the Kurdish issue in Syria and its vision of the new Syrian constitution, and the party's basics, objectives and principles.

The party's political agenda is scheduled to be discussed in the afternoon.



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