PYD condemns international conspiracy against Ocalan, called for free world to end isolation

As the 20th anniversary of the international conspiracy that targeted the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocalan came, the Democratic Union Party (PYD) condemned the conspiracy, calling for the free world to move for the sake of lifting the isolation on Ocalan and ending his arrest.


In the 20th anniversary of the international conspiracy against Ocalan, PYD released a statement, and it included:

"The mid-February marks the twentieth anniversary of the international conspiracy that targeted the philosopher of the democratic nation, the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan, which we consider it a conspiracy as many forces, states and parties contributed in it. The participated parties were aware of the role of the leader Abdullah Ocalan in terms of his ideology and the sample of his struggle. He was the greatest obstacle to the global hegemony forces and the system of financial governance in order to implement their agendas in the Middle East and throughout the international region. This plot was only a permission for a new phase that was the beginning of the Third World War which has been signed today in the Middle East from the heart of Kurdistan and Syria.

The parties thought that by arresting and capturing the leader Ocalan, they would extinguish the spirit of struggle and resistance among the people of Kurdistan, but the participated parties were aware that the ideas of the leader Ocalan are a philosophy supplies the people of Kurdistan and all the democratic forces that represent the will of the peoples and their determination to co-exist. They also were aware that capturing the leader would increase the pace of struggle. The association of the leader, the community movement and the people is an integrated unit and no power or conspiracy in the universe can separate them from each other. Moreover, the hostile forces to humanity were not aware that their crisis would be deepened by this action, and that the democratic modernity throughout the Middle East would be able to repel all the plots against the will of the peoples, as in the case of the February 15th plot as they emptied it of its content completely.

The human history that is full of the struggles of the peoples aspiring to freedom was capable of giving the oppressed peoples a revolutionary vanguard led by an exceptional and modernist leader represented in the personality of the philosopher Ocalan who analyzed the societal issues and put forward the fundamental solutions to them launching from the fact that Mesopotamia was a cradle of democratic civilization, and the conspiring parties represented by the forces of capitalist modernity which ensures the continuation of the tragedies of peoples and ignite wars, the enslavement of women, the corruption of societies targeted the human values ​​and values ​​of freedom, social justice and democracy through the person of the leader through capturing him and imposing isolation on him. However, the reality of the leader Ocalan's philosophy has spread among the Kurdish people and the peoples of the region. It has become a philosophy and a model of life, and has become a scientific and academic center and a source of inspiration for the democratic movements and women and youth organizations. The leader's philosophy are no longer limited to the Kurds only.

We also affirm that the project of the Democratic Autonomous Administration in North and East Syria which enters its fifth year has succeeded; it represented the highest degree of solving the Syrian crisis according to its political path, either by confronting and eliminating terrorism and through embodying the democratic change and transformation in Syria that was because of relying the components of this administration; political forces and parties and socialist personalities and activities on the philosophy of the democratic nation. For this reason, we see that the authoritarian regimes that support terrorism, especially the Turkish fascist regime, offer concession by concession and are prepared for all forms of bends in order to thwart this project.

On the time when we declare our condemnation of the international conspiracy and isolation imposed on the Kurdish people leader Abduallah Ocalan, We will continue struggling with his ideas and philosophy. We affirm that there is no freedom for the Kurdish people and the people of the Middle East without the freedom of the leader Ocalan. We call upon all the democratic forces and figures, and those who are interested in peace in the Middle East and the world to work for his release and to do whatever is necessary to release the leader Abdullah Ocalan beca to achieve the democratic Middle East. In this regard, we salute the resistance of the activist Leyla Guven that entered its 100th day being on a hunger striker, rejecting this plot, and we salute all the strugglers and activists who follow the same example rejecting the isolation imposed on the leader Ocalan that violates the most basic human rights charters. We also call for peace lovers intensify their peaceful struggles to end the isolation on the philosopher of the democratic nation."

The statement ended with chanting the slogans "To fall the February 15th Conspiracy, Freedom for the Leader Abdullah Ocalan."


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