PYD commemorates Kobani massacre’s martyrs 

The Democratic Union Party (PYD) recalled the martyrs of the Kobani massacre, which took place at the dawn of June 25, 2015, and considered that this massacre and the attack on al-Sina'a prison in al-Hasakah aimed to revive ISIS, vowing to avenge the massacre's martyrs.

Yesterday, Friday, the official website of the Democratic Union Party published a statement of the party’s General Council, in which it recalled the martyrs of the Kobani massacre, explaining that it is another evidence of the extent of the fascist Turkish state’s cooperation with ISIS.

The statement reads:

"After Kobani was liberated from ISIS on January 26, 2015 and the YPJ/YPG defending forces deployed from the city of Kobani to pursue ISIS remnants to the south, west and east, the Turkish fascism and its ally ISIS wanted to try their luck once again to occupy the city of Kobani."

Another proof of Turkey's cooperation with ISIS

It added: "At the dawn of the twenty-fifth of 2015, the terrorist organization launched a surprise attack with an offensive force of about 100 spearheads, some of whom came from the north across the border, to be supported by other forces after seizing important sites in the city's neighborhoods, and the residents of Kobani were surprised, and the village of Barkhabatan, south of Kobani, with this brutal attack, which resulted in the martyrdom at least 253 civilians and the wounding of more than 273, the majority of whom were children, women and the elderly, until the invaders were confronted and the arrival of the incoming reinforcements was prevented.

The statement explained that "this massacre was another evidence of the extent of Turkish fascism's cooperation with ISIS, and a witness to the steadfastness of our people in Kobani in the face of dark forces and their users."

Al-Sina’a Prison and the Kobani massacre are two attacks aimed at reviving ISIS

And it indicated that "despite the disastrous defeat that the invaders suffered, they tried the same method of treachery many times, the last of which was the invasion of the "Sina'a Prison" in al-Hasakah with the aim of reviving ISIS and re-establishing its influence over the entire region, but they were confronted again after sacrificing more than one hundred and twenty martyrs. And this invasion was also planned by Turkish fascism, as stated in the testimonies of terrorist elements who were arrested by the Syrian Democratic Forces.

At the conclusion of its statement, the General Council of the Democratic Union Party recalled the martyrs of the Kobani massacre, and added: "We pay tribute of sacrifices of our martyrs in north and east Syria and all the martyrs of freedom, and we pledge to them to adhere to their approach and avenge the blood of defenseless civilians who fell victim to the dark treachery and brutality of Turkish fascism, the enemies of the peoples, and humanity.”



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