PYD: Çavuşoğlu, ENKS' meeting in order torpedo initiative of national unity

The General Council of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) pointed out that the meeting between ENKS and the Turkish Foreign Minister aims to destroy the initiative of national unity, calling on the people to be vigilant against the tricks and conspiracies hatched against him by fascism, and work to ensure the rights of the people in the future Syria.

The Democratic Union Party (PYD) today issued a statement to the public opinion about the recent meeting between the Kurdish National Council (ENKS) and Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu.

The statement read:

"Turkish fascism is hostile to the Kurds at all levels, they want a kurdish who is out of will, who does not have the means to legitimately defend himself, betraying the policies of ethnic genocide.

And its policies have become clear to the old and the young of the Kurdish people and their friends, and in the recent practices on the ground shows that Turkish fascism is ready to compromise on all the parties fighting over Syria, in order to prevent the Kurdish people from gaining any natural democratic right, and trying to gain time to implement policies of demographic change as quickly as possible to make them a fait accompli.

With the Kurdish National Council meeting with the Foreign Minister of Turkish Fascism, without taking into account the tragedies and pains of our people in Rojava, and the negative effects they have on the Initiative of the SDF leadership to bring the Kurdish political parties closer together, we believe that this meeting aims to destroy the initiative, and in this way the Kurdish National Council will be in front of the reaction of the people, and we affirm that the Kurdish people have become conscious, and will not spare those who repeat the previous mistakes.

Today we urgently need a unified and explicit position against the fascist Turkish occupation of some of our regions, but dealing with this occupation in this way serves its policies based on the logic of "divide and rule", thereby achieving its goals in Rojava and Syria.

It is clear that the situation in Syria will not stabilize without the demise of Turkish threats and the end of its occupation of all areas in NE, Syria.

We call on our people to be vigilant against the tricks and conspiracies hatched against them by fascism, and to develop their unity by fighting together to liberate the occupied territories and working to ensure the rights of our people in future Syria."



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