PYD:  August 15 campaign has become approach to free life and basis of society's revolution

The Democratic Union Party (PYD) congratulates the leader Abdullah Ocalan , the families of  martyrs and the military forces on the 38th anniversary of the August 15 campaign, and stressed that the spirit of the campaign created today will of victoty in the entire region.

Today, the General Council of the Democratic Union Party ( PYD) issued a statement, on the occasion of the 38th anniversary of the August 15 campaign , which said:

“We congratulate the thirty-eighth anniversary of the August 15 campaign, the day of the revolutionary resurrection of the Kurdish people and all the Kurdish peoples, first of all, on the leader of the humanitarian revolution, leader Abdullah Ocalan, the families of the martyrs of freedom and dignity, the revolutionary military forces that are fighting fascism, and to all  freedom revolutionaries.

This occasion, which was embodied in the personality of a military leader who established in himself all human values, has today become a beacon in the history of the peoples of the region and a revolutionary approach towards freedom and democracy.

The August 15 campaign has become a revolutionary theory from the theories of the Ocalan democratic school of thought, which crossed the geographical and identity borders of the peoples of the Middle East and the world.

  On this basis, we congratulate the leader Abdullah Ocalan, the freedom revolutionaries, the Kurdish peoples, and all the revolutionary Syrian peoples.



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