Putin: We identified with Erdogan additional measures to stabilize Idlib, eliminate hotbeds of terrorism

 Russian President Vladimir Putin said he and his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, had set out additional measures to "stabilize the Idlib region to reduce the escalation in Syria and eliminate the hotbeds of terrorism there."

RT reported that "speaking at a news conference with Erdogan on Tuesday on the sidelines of the Max-2019 International Air and Space Exhibition, Putin said they paid special attention during the meeting to the Syrian issue, stressing their agreement on "the need to focus on stabilizing the ground in the country and the political settlement."

Putin added that the situation in the Idlib region to reduce the escalation in northwestern Syria, is of growing concern to both Russia and Turkey, pointing out that "terrorist groups" there continue attacks on the positions of the Syrian army.

Putin said: "We have identified with the Turkish President joint additional measures to eliminate the hotbeds of terrorism in Idlib and normalize the situation in this region and in Syria in general."

Putin said: "We talked with the president today on this issue in detail, and we reached an understanding on what we can do to resolve these issues and how we will do it." 

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