Putin, Netanyahu discuss cooperation in Syria, Iranian influence was most important

The Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed the bilateral cooperation in Syria and the area and the Iranian influence on Wednesday far from the media.


The Russian President Vladimir Putin held talks closed to media with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday, during which the two sides sought to normalize the relations after a cooling-off followed the dropping of a Russian drone in September.

Before the meeting, the Kremlin stressed that the situation in Syria will be one of the main points of the discussion, while the Israeli side stressed the importance of Tel Aviv to discuss the Iranian position in Syria.

According to the Russian Tass news agency, quoting from informed sources, Netanyahu handed over «the map of Iranian sites» in Syria to the Russian president. Netanyahu stressed the importance of resuming the security and military coordination of the movements of both sides in the Syrian airspace through the formation of a joint group about foreign forces in Syria.

The dispute between Russia and Iran has begun to emerge during the past period as Iran accuses Russia of allowing Israel to bomb its sites in Syria.

This comes amid disagreements and contradictions within Asanta group, where it is clear that the Russian-Turkish rapprochement has been bothering Iran and the Syrian regime.


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