PUK: Iraq and Başûr must stop Turkish attacks

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan's (PUK) Secretary-General Muhammad Abbas called on the Iraqi government and the government of Başûr (southern Kurdistan) to put an end to the Turkish attacks on Başûr.

In the past few months, the Turkish occupation army has committed several massacres against unarmed civilians in Başûr. The last one was the June 27 massacre of 3 civilians and the wounding of five others.

"The Turkish state does not recognize the ally and does not recognize the covenants and conventions of the state, not even the humanitarian norms, and is known for its barbarism and occupation of the territories," said PUK Secretary-General Mohammad Abbas.

"The AKP government, headed by Erdogan, is now producing the approach of his predecessors, Demirel and Aghawid, who preceded him with massacres, displacement and dispersing the Kurdish people."

Firm stance against the Turkish invasion is a must

Abbas called on the governments of Iraq and Başûr to take a firm stance on the Turkish occupation, he said, "Taking a firm stance against the Turkish invasion on Başûr Kurdistan is a must, we have clarified our position on the attacks in the past, but the government of Başûr Kurdistan turned a blind eye to it and remained silent and did not care about the Turkish occupation.

In June 8, 18 Kurdish parties in northern and eastern Syria issued a statement to the public condemning the Turkish aggression on the Kurdistan region of Başûr. They called on the Iraqi government and Kurdistan Regional Government to take all measures to stand against aggression and stop it by all possible political means.

The PUK Secretary-General insisted that the government of Başûr should sever its relations with the Turkish occupation, "Başûr government must intervene and sever ties with Turkey as a pressure card to stop its attacks," he said.

Abbas called on the political parties and the government in Başûr Kurdistan to review their positions and policies that serve the agendas of the Turkish state.


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