Public Prosecution rejects detainees families ’requests to meet them

The Public Prosecutor in Bursa rejected the request of the family of the leader Abdullah Ocalan and the families of three other detainees in Imrali to visit them.

Mohamed Ocalan, the brother of the leader Abdullah Ocalan and the lawyer Mazloum Denj submitted a request to the Public Prosecution of Bursa in Turkey to visit the leader Abdullah Ocalan, but the request was rejected.

The families of the detainees; Omer Khairy Konar, Hamili Yildirim and Faisal Aktash submitted requests through the attorneys to the Public Prosecution to visit the detainees, but their requests were also rejected.

The last meeting of the families with the detainees took place in June 5th and August 12th, 2019.

Since the 12th of August 2019, requests are submitted to the Public Prosecution for visits, but they are rejected.

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