​​​​​​​Public outrage in NE Syria over rape of children in Afrin

Women and civil society organizations in NE Syria have condemned the crimes of child rape in the occupied areas, and pledged to continue the resistance and struggle to preserve women's gains, and face of violence against all women and children.

Within a week, the occupied city of Afrin witnessed two crimes of rape against two girls, aged 10 and 14, by the mercenary leaders of the Turkish occupation state.

All regions of NE Syria are witnessing activities condemning the crimes of the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries, and these crimes were considered a continuation of the policy of genocide and the processes of demographic change in the occupied areas.


The deputy of the Women's Body in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Newroz  Ali, indicated to ANHA agency that "this case is not the first in the occupied areas of Afrin."

"There are many arguments and justifications for the Turkish occupation to commit crimes against citizens, especially against women and children, and it is evidence of  the barbaric Turkish occupation and its mercenaries.

Newroz Ali denounced the heinous crime committed against the girl, who was not more than ten years old, stressing that "this is one of the crimes that are repeated by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries against women and children, including killing, kidnapping and rape in Afrin, which is targeting the Kurdish presence and women."

She explained that "the processes of demographic change pursued by the Turkish occupation state change the features of the region, the exclusion of its people and the plundering of their property, which is evidence of the detachment of the region from the Syrian lands and its annexation to the Turkish lands."


For her part, the citizen, Rabia Bakro, denounced the crime of rape of the 10-year-old girl from the Shih district of occupied Afrin, stressing that she is "far from religions."


While the citizen, Zahraa Muhammad expressed her great astonishment at the inaction of the organizations concerned with protecting children's rights, and said: "Where are these organizations from the crimes committed against children?" She warned, "These crimes have become a real threat to the lives of all children."


"The city of Afrin was the city of peace and security for many years, the city of olives in which all the liberated women grew up, but today has become a city dominated by security chaos and violence against women after its occupation by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries," this is how the member of the administrative board of the Zenobia Women's Gathering office described Shahrzad Al-Jasem, What happened to the situation in Afrin after its occupation by Turkey.

"The occupation and its mercenaries are working to change the demographics of this city, and to break the free will of women, by raping, violating, displacing, and kidnapping women," she stressed.

Al-Jasem condemned these crimes committed in the occupied city of Afrin, and pledged to continue the resistance and struggle to preserve women's gains, defend their freedom, and rise up in the face of violence against all women and children.


The administrator of the Women's Committee in the Civil Council of the Eastern Region in Deir ez-Zor, Aisha Al-Mudhahi, condemned the ongoing crimes of the Turkish occupation state against women and children without accountability.

Al-Mudhahi described the crimes of rape of minor children by the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation as a "cowardly act", and demanded the implementation of the maximum penalties against the perpetrator, and deplored "the continuation of these crimes against women and children, despite the issuance of documents on these topics permanently."



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