Provisions Directorate in Kobani: Our people must submit complaints against exploitation

The Provisions Directorate in Kobani canton has called on the people to immediately submit their complaints about the right of shop owners and merchants exploiting the current situation to raise prices for goods and materials.

Residents of Kobani canton suffer from unstable prices of items, especially curfews have been imposed in the regions of northern and eastern Syria as part of the preventive measures taken to prevent the emergence of the Corona virus, while the commercial stores are exempt from the ban.

The demand for food is increasing in light of the commitment of the people to stay in their homes, while the materials and goods are available in a large way, but the prices are unstable, and traders claim that the reason for the difference in prices is the depreciation of the value of the Syrian pound against the dollar, which constitutes a living problem for the people of the canton.

In this context, the co-chair of the Provisions Directorate Ahmed Daban said: "We issued a list that includes the prices of materials and goods and is acceptable to the people, and it was distributed throughout the canton and this has no problem in it, regardless of the high prices or licenses of these materials, but the problem lies in the instable prices, which differ from one place to another, where the owners of the stores are monopolizing these materials.

The ban, which is applied in all areas of northern and eastern Syria, did not constitute an obstacle for members of the Provisions Directorate to conduct their daily patrols to inspect corrupt materials and manipulated prices in the city and districts, as the directorate violated 5 commercial stores in the city during the period of the ban.

Daban called on the people to cooperate with the directorate in controlling the prices by submitting complaints against the abusers through the phone numbers to receive residents’ complaints, as well as they can visit the directorate, and any person who exploits the residents will be held accountable.



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