Protests in Europe condemning violence and targeting 3 women in Kobani

​​​​​​​Dozens of Kurdish women in German and French cities took to the streets and squares, condemned violence against women and the martyrdom of 3 women in Kobani.

To condemn violence against women and the targeting of three women activists in Kobani, dozens of Kurdish women demonstrated and protested in the cities of Duisburg, Cologne and German Frankfurt, in the cities of Marseille, Rennes Villiers-Loubel, and Lausanne French.

In all the condemned events, the women raised the flags of the Women’s Protection Units, the flags of the Kurdish Women Movement - Europe, in addition to the pictures of the three martyrs, and the pictures of the mother Aqidah, Hefrin Khalaf and Zainab Jalalian.

In their protest, the women chanted "No to violence against women", "Women, life and freedom", "Occupied Kurdistan" and "Leader Ocalan lives."

In their events, women mentioned that millions of women around the world suffer from violence every day, and many of them lose their lives.

The events condemned the martyrdom of 3 Kurdish women in the village of Hallinj, east of Kobani, by bombing the Turkish occupation, and also indicated that the Turkish state wants to thwart the Rojava Kurdistan Revolution.

In their activities, the women also touched upon the situation of political activist Zainab Jalalian, asking about her fate, and they said that all kinds of violence are carried out in an organized manner.

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