Protests and arrests in al-Sudan

Several Sudanese cities took part in demonstrations in protest against the decisions taken by the Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir while Sudanese authorities arrested a number of demonstrators.


Sudanese cities witnessed protests on Friday that continued in various neighborhoods of the capital Khartoum until Saturday dawn.

The protesters went out to the streets and burned tires to express their rejection of the presidential decisions to dissolve the government and declare a state of emergency, where the authorities arrested a number of them as Sky News reported.

Bashir has declared a state of emergency in the country, dissolving the government, and deferring the consideration of the constitutional amendments. He also decided to appoint 18 Walis belonging to the military and security institutions.

Bashir said in a speech that he would continue being as president, but would maintain a constant position in all the loyal and opposing parties in an indication to his abdication of the Congress Party's ruling presidency.



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