Protests against Madrid Agreement in Norway

 Protests were organized in Oslo, denouncing the Madrid Agreement, in exchange for Sweden and Finland's membership in NATO.

 Hundreds of people joined the demonstration organized by the Center for Kurdish Democratic Society and Solidarity with Kurdistan, in Oslo, the capital of Norway.

 During the demonstration, the agreement was denounced, which was considered anti-Kurdish, in exchange for the membership of Sweden and Finland in NATO.

 On this, the co-chair of the Solidarity Organization with Swedish Kurdistan, Stena Berkistan, and the head of the Norwegian Red Party in Oslo, Sivash Mubasri, spoke with the representative of the Peace Initiative (Fredsînîtîatîvet).

 The speakers noted that Sweden signed the dirtiest agreement in history for NATO membership, and said that this is a great shame.

 The demonstration ended with chanting the slogans "Boycott Turkey", "Erdogan is a terrorist" and "Solidarity with Kurdistan".



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