​​​​​​​Protestors in front of Asayîş Êzîdxanê headquarter achieve their goal

The meeting between representatives of Şengal and the Iraqi forces to keep the Asayîş headquarters in Khanasur and Sununi while Şengal City Asayîş is assigned to Asayîş Êzîdxanê, and the discussion of the security system in Şengal district was postponed.

Today, crowds gathered in front of the Asayîş Êzîdxanê headquarters to prevent the Iraqi forces from seizing them.

The gathering came at the request of the Democratic Autonomous Administration of Şengal people to support Asayîş Êzîdxanê during a statement issued on Monday.

After the meeting, which brought together representatives of the Iraqi forces and a delegation from the protesting residents of Şengal district, and according to information obtained from participants, the Asayîş Êzîdxanê headquarters in Khansur and Sununi and the city center of Şengal were approved to Asayîş Êzîdxanê.

Discussion of the legal framework of Asayîş Êzîdxanê with the Iraqi forces was postponed and the results of the meeting are expected to be officially published later.

According to the statements of the delegation members, the protesters dispersed their gatherings in front of the centers, after their demands were met.

After the agreement signed by the governments of Baghdad-Hewlêr, the Iraqi forces sought to seize the Asayîş Êzîdxanê centers in the district of Şengal, and this was rejected by the people.



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