Protesting against his arrest ... A detained journalist is on hunger strike in başûr Kurdistan's prisons

Journalist Ahmed Zakhwi in the prisons of başûr Kurdistan, "southern Kurdistan" in the Dohuk region, who was arrested for following up on the protests in Zakho, started a hunger strike two days ago, to protest his arrest 10 days ago.

Since August 19, the security authorities of the Kurdistan Regional Government of başûr are launching a massive campaign of arrests of journalists, activists and teachers, against the backdrop of their protest for the crossing of Turkish trucks to the lands of başûr Kurdistan.

Among those arrested, journalist Ahmed Zakhoyi, who was arrested for following up on the protests in Zakho, announced the start of a hunger strike two days ago.

While the authorities have yet to clarify the fate of journalist Ahmed Zakhoyi, along with dozens of other journalists, and the charges against them.

The Metro Center for Defending the Rights of Journalists has published a document bearing the names of 45 detainees, including journalists, civic activists and teachers, in the Zakho and Bahdinan regions, along with dozens whose names are not known yet.


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