Protesters conclude activities by emphasizing on struggle until breaking Ocalan’s isolation

Today, the people of Qamishlo district concluded their sit-in after Asrin office made a statement, in which it revealed the health and safety of the leader Abdullah Ocalan as his relatives and lawyer have paid the leader a visit.

After the Turkish authorities fabricated the fire that broke out on Imrali Island in February 27, where the leader Abdullah Ocalan is being held, the people of Qamishlo district began their sit-in by setting up tents in front of the United Nations High Commissioner in Qamishlo city, which lasted for seven days, where the people of Qamishlo district alternated over the camp tents. In sequence, the people of the city of Qamishlo, Qamishlu Gharbi, Qamishlo Sharqi, Amouda district, Tirbe Spi district, Cilaxa town,  Tel Koçer district, Girê Spi district, and Rmaylan town, Derik district.

The sit-in tents were decorated with pictures of leader Abdullah Ocalan, and signs reading: "We demand that lawyers visit Imrali at the utmost speed", "Freedom for leader Ocalan", "We will break the hands that touch our leader", and women wore during the sit-in activities white jackets, on which the leader's pictures were painted Ocalan, in addition to raising slogans saluting the resistance of Imrali.

The sit-in tents ended today after the Turkish authorities responded to the demands of the people of Rojava to reveal the health of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and allowed the visit of his relatives and his lawyer, so the lawyers of Asrin office made- after paying the leader a visit, a statement that revealed the health and safety of the leader.

Speaking on behalf of the protestors, member of the General Council of the Democratic Union Party Abdul Karim Sarukhan, he said: "After the Kurds heard in Kurdistan and Europe, the news of a fire on Imrali Island on February 27, they went out to the arenas, organized sit-ins, and confirmed through them that they will not stop, and they will escalate struggle till health of leader Ocalan, and today, after the lawyer of leader Ocalan made a statement to the public opinion, and made sure that a meeting was held with Ocalan and that he in good health, we announce the end of our sit-in in Qamishlo district. "

Abdul Karim Sarukhan thanked everyone who participated in the sit-in, and confirmed that the activities of the region's components, Kurds, Arabs and Syrians, are continuing until the isolation imposed on the leader Ocalan is completely broken.



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