Preventive measures against Corona at afrin displaced camps

The displaced at Barkhudan and Sardham camps in Shahba praised the preventive measures by the Health Committee against the outbreak of the coronavirus.

"At first, the municipality sprayed sterile materials on all the tents, shops and streets at the camp," the co-chair of Barkhudan camp, Sheikho Ibrahim said.

In a precautionary measure, visits between Al Shahba camps were prevented : "We prevented the residents from visiting each other from outside the camp as well as preventing gatherings. The person goes to the market from each family conditionally ." Ibrahim said.

Ibrahim appealed to residents inside the camp to keep all places clean.  "We are interacting with the Health Committee procedures to prevent the outbreak of the virus; we see it as positive," the Afrini displaced, Fatima Mustafa at Barkhudan camp in Al-Shehaba canton.

"The measures were "effective and successful", Muharram Hasko said.

 " The committee is doing their job to the fullest," Houria Mohammed, a displaced person from Afrin  who lives at Sardam camp said.



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