Pompeo sets 12 conditions for any agreement with Iran

 The spokeswoman for US State Morgan Ortagus said the only solution to Iran was a new agreement that would halt all threats posed by the United States, saying the 12 conditions announced by Minister Mike Pompeo were the basis for the deal.

According Sky News reported that the spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus for US State Department said, "As part of a new US sanctions package imposed on Friday by Washington on a part of Iran's petrochemical sector, Washington will target any petrochemical company or any other sector that provides financial support to companies affected by sanctions."

"The US campaign of maximum pressure on Iran will continue," the spokeswoman said.

Morgan Ortagus stressed, "There is no complacency by Washington or its allies on the possibility of Tehran obtaining a nuclear weapon, noting that there is a consensus between Washington and its allies on the threat posed by the Iranian ballistic missile program, its terrorist activities, and violations of human rights, adding that the recent meetings of the Minister for Foreign Affairs in Europe on this matter were encouraging."

In response to Tehran's threats to violate some of the main restrictions in the nuclear deal and the threats of its Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, Morgan Ortagus said the creation of threats, the use of nuclear blackmail and terrorizing other countries were the usual behavior of the revolutionary regime in Tehran.

The American Diplomat repeated, "Iran has a simple choice, either to act as a normal nation or to witness its economy collapse, adding that Tehran's threat to halt key nuclear commitments was a major step in the wrong direction and reflected Iran's continuing challenge to international peace and security."

"The international community must remain united on this issue and must hold the Iranian regime accountable for its threats to expand its nuclear program," Morgan Ortagus said, vowing that Washington would hold Iran accountable for any action against the American people and interests.

Morgan Ortagus considered the only solution with Iran was a new agreement dealing with all of Iran's threats addressed by Minister Pompeo, through the 12 demands that must have been applied before lifting the sanctions.

Among the 12 US demands announced by Michael Richard Pompeo: Iran would disclose all details of its nuclear program, allow continued inspections, work to curb the spread of ballistic missiles and those that carried nuclear warheads, and stop Tehran's support for "terrorist" groups in the Middle East.

The US President Donald Trump withdrew last year from the nuclear deal with Iran in 2015 after he described it as "catastrophic," especially as he addressed the issue of the nuclear program and ignored other issues such as the missile program and interventions in the Middle East.



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