Pompeo responds to Ankara: I adhere to every word in statement of warning of aggression against northern, eastern Syria

Washington responded, to the allegations of Turkey about the distortion of the statement of warning of aggression on areas of northern and eastern Syria, where Pompeo confirmed that he sticks to every word contained therein.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was quick to respond to Turkey's claims that Washington had distorted the contents of the meeting with Turkish Foreign Minister Mouloud Gawishoglu and confirmed his adherence to the entire statement.

This comes in response to a statement by Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksui, who said that "the statement published by the US State Department, which was clearly present before the meeting of Foreign Minister Mouloud Gawishoglu and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, not only contradicts the reality of the content of the meeting, but also topics not addressed ".

But Pompeo was quick to assert his commitment to every word in his ministry statement. "I have read the text of the statement and I stick to every word," he told a news conference in Washington.

According to a statement issued by the US State Department after the meeting, Pompeo warned his Turkish counterpart about the "potentially devastating consequences of any unilateral Turkish military action" in Syria.




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