Poll: US people majority are sympathetic with protesters; reject Trump's reaction

Opinion polls in the United States indicate that most Americans reject Trump's policies toward protesting the killing of American man George Floyd.

A poll conducted by Reuters and the polling company Epsos, showed that most Americans sympathize with the protests that prevail in the country, rejecting the death of a black man after a policeman perched on his neck, and rejected President Donald Trump's reaction to the unrest.

The poll was conducted on Monday and Tuesday and found that 64% of adult Americans sympathize with those who are demonstrating at the present time, while 27% said they do not feel sympathy for the protesters, and 9% could not determine their position.

The poll highlighted the political risks to Trump, who took a firm approach to the protests, and threatened to deploy the US military to quell the violence.

The poll also showed that more than 55% of Americans disapprove of Trump's handling of the protests, and 40% said they strongly reject this deal.

A separate poll conducted by Reuters / Epsos, found that Biden's lead over Trump widened the number of registered voters to ten percentage points, the largest margin recorded since Biden became a candidate for the Democratic Party in early April.

47% of registered voters stated that they intend to support Biden in the presidential elections, while 37% expressed their preference for Trump.

Biden pledged that he would not stoke hate fires in a speech on Tuesday that touched on turmoil.

The Reuters / Epsos survey on online protests was conducted in the United States in English with the participation of 1,004 adult Americans, with a margin of error of four percentage points, up or down.

Reuters / Epsos conducted another poll on the US presidential election with the participation of 1113 adult Americans, with a margin of error of three percentage points, up or down.



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