Politicians: World must admit DAA and help it to eradicate IS' ideology

A politician in al-Hasakah canton called on the world countries and national forces to solidarity with SDF, especially after a collapse IS in order to eradicate their ideology, recognize of Democratic Autonomous Administration in North and East of Syria and participation in the drafting of the new constitution.  


A member of the Future Syria Party, Yusuf Salama has congratulated the Syrian people in the north and east of Syria on all peoples and components in the region noting "For several years now, the region has been subjected to IS' massacres. and no one has been separated, and did not discrimination between a young man and a woman and a child and religion, several villages and areas were being deliberately destroyed by IS through the captivity of Şengal women and the displacement of their people and a lot of acts that did not belong to Islam and humanity in any connection.

The victory has been achieved on the largest terrorist organization  

Yusuf pointed that, IS' defeats begun sequentially by virtue sacrifices of SDF, martyrs' sacrifices and People and Women Protection Units YPG and YPJ, where IS are being trapped in al-Baguz village and added that SDF was very interested to keep the life of civilians in safety through opining safe passage, establishing the tents for the refugees and providing them all their needs

He called on the international countries to restore their generosity and gratitude to the peoples of the region and to recognize DAA and protection from the Turkish threat, which is trying to undermine DAA and the occupation of parts of Syria to build a sovereign entity that is an extension of IS' organization. He added that "the situation of our region must be taken into account in any future political solution to the Syrian crisis, and that the north and the east of Syria has a place and role in the drafting of the new constitution, which meets the aspirations and hopes of all members of Syrian society, and does not digest the right of minorities, they are part of the Syrian social fabric and were partners in all resistances and liberation processes

Daesh was a nightmare'

For his part, a member of the Democratic Union Party in al-Hasakah canton, Joan Esso, the thought of IS' mercenaries called "intruder and dangerous thought" to all communities and peoples of the region in full, and continued by saying, "was agreed by all the world and was part of the Syrian crisis, as a result of training, funding and support of extremist ideas from the regional powers, led by the Turkish state this was a nightmare for the region, and the Turkish state was the mastermind who set up IS.

"But the choice of resistance against these mercenaries is to counter this extremist ideology, and our choice is to foil all the policies and schemes that have been planned under the auspices and financing of the Turkish state. Today we see the collapse of this so-called caliphate s' alleged by the People's and Women's Protection Units and the Syrian Democratic Forces, which is considered a historic victory for all the peoples of the region. "



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