Politicians: Turkey seeks to break up the Kurdish fabric

Politicians  explained that the increased Zîne Wartê will have negative effects on the Kurdish people. They noted that Turkey is trying to break up the Kurdish fabric and called for encountering the plans of the Turkish occupation.

Under the ongoing tension in Zîne Wartê area of Rawandoz district linked to Hewler province in Başûr of Kurdistan and bringing in the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) forces to the region, Kurdish politician in the northeast of Syria that the Turkish state is exploiting these tensions for its interests and trying to break up the Kurdish fabric, and thwart Kurdish efforts of unity.

For highlighting the events  of Zîne Wartê area, ANHA correspondent held meetings with Kurds politicians in Tel Tamer district of Al-Hasakeh canton. 

Ismail Hajj Farhan, member of the Central Committee of the Kurdish Left Party in Syria, said at the outset of his speech that  " these differences between the Kurdish parties in Başûr do not serve the Kurdish people and Kurdish parties, but they come in favor of the occupying states.

Differences will have bad effects on Kurd

"The differences that occur must be resolved peacefully, because they have negative effects on the Kurdish forces, parties and people in Kurdistan in their four parts and on Rojava in particular because of the perceived rapprochement between Kurdish parties," he said.

He also said: Members of the Kurdish Left Party in Syria support all initiatives of resolving differences between Kurdish parties that call for unity and support for the Kurdish people.

"The Kurdish people in Rojava are in great pain. There are thousands of martyrs and hundreds of thousands of displaced people from their homes. When the Kurdish parties agree, we will be able to protect our people," he said.

For his part, the administrator of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) in Tal Tamer, Mohammed Saeed Ahmed pointed out that since the beginning of the Syrian revolution which entered its ninth year, they were able to  make great gains in the north and east of Syria. First and foremost, establishing the Autonomous Administration and the liberation of the region from the tyranny of terrorism, but the enemies of the Kurdish people, led by the Turkish state, are trying thwart these gains.

Unity means force,  Turkey is trying to break up the Kurdish fabric.

"Unity means force and Turkey is trying to break up the Kurdish fabric, stressing that "the Turkish state knows that Kurdish unity means force.

Turkish occupation state has been trying for nearly two months to create Kurdish in Zîne Wartê.  He added that "the military build-up of peshmerga forces of the Kurdistan Democratic Party allows the occupying power to break up the Kurdish fabric and keep the Kurdish parties off track, which is unity."

Ahmed called on in his speech all Kurdish parties and institutions in Başûr of Kurdistan to encounter the organized strife in that region.

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