​​​​​​​Politicians: Turkey exploits international silence to serve its interests through brokers

Politicians in Aleppo explained that the Turkish occupation takes advantage of the silence towards recruiting children to serve its interests through brokers of living conditions and build its Ottoman settlement project.

Since the outbreak of the Syrian crisis, the Turkish occupation has been working through its intelligence and mercenaries to plunder the wealth of the Syrian people, cut out its lands and occupy it, change its demography, and kill civilians along with many other inhuman crimes before an unprecedented international silence.

Many reports have appeared recently indicating the Turkish state’s enlistment of Syrian children in its areas of control and sending them to Libya to fight and work to implement its occupying agendas.

According to the principles of the Geneva Declaration of Child’s Rights of 1924 and the charter for the ratification of the Children’s Rights Convention by the United Nations’ General Assembly in accordance with Resolution 44-25 of 1990, the recruitment of children by the Turkish state rises to be classified as "war crimes" against Syrian children to deny them the life right.

To shed light on this issue, Hawar news agency held several interviews with politicians in Aleppo, and they described the international silence as “unjustified”, calling for immediate intervention to prevent a catastrophe and a rift threatening the future of Syrian society.

Turkey takes advantage of the silence in serving its interests

The member of the General Council of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), Amin Aliko, explained that the absence of the international community and the child’s rights was the reason for the Turkish violations since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, serving its interests in the region.

He added: “Children are killed throughout the occupied territories, other children are sent to Libya, and Turkey takes advantage of this situation from the silence of the international community, as these violations on the Syrian scene fall within the objectives of the Turkish government in expanding the rift in the Syrian society and applying the Ottoman dream.”

Aliko pointed out that the Justice and Development Party is carrying out a systematic policy in the Middle East based on exploiting children in areas under its control and using them as fuel for “expansionist wars.”

Occupation brokers take advantage of the living conditions of children

Sakina Mohammed, the member of the Organizational Bureau of the Syrian Democratic Council in Aleppo said: “The Turkish state and its mercenaries in the occupied areas have not only practiced their inhuman violations of killing, destroying, displacing and abusing women, but are recruiting Syrian children, and this is a matter of concern and very dangerous.”

Sakina noted that brokers and war dealers of the Turkish state are exploiting the difficult living conditions in these areas to recruit children for sums of money and send them to Libya.

A settlement project and an Ottoman dream

Sakina pointed out that sending the Syrians to Libya does not serve the Syrian people, nor the Syrian revolution, but rather the Turkish project, which she described as the “Ottoman occupying expansionist settlement project.”

Sakina Mohammed saw that Erdogan seeks to fulfill his Ottoman dream in the name of the Islamic religion in order to plunder the wealth of the region, and cut out parts of the lands in the Middle East in general, and continued: “We appeal to the authorities concerned with children's rights to put pressure on the Turkish government to protect the rights of Syrian children.”

While a member of the General Council of the Future Syria Party, Khaleda Abdo, noted that the crimes of the Turkish occupation increased in parallel with the international silence, and she said: “Since the outbreak of the Syrian revolution, the Turkish state has started its crimes in the region; land occupation, demographic change, kidnappings, killing of civilians, and it even exploited children by recruiting and sending them to Libya to serve its agendas.”

Khaleda Abdo considered the recruitment of children “a war crime because it falls within the category of violating the rights of children, especially the Syrian children who live in the Turkish camps or in areas controlled by the Turkish state.”

The member of the General Council of the Future Syria Party concluded her speech by saying: “We in the Future Syria Party aim to protect the Syrian children from the psychological and physical effects they are exposed to in this war and safeguard their rights, but we are witnessing an unjustified silence from the international organizations concerned with children’s affairs despite the repeated calls in this regard.”



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