Politicians: Turkey aims to revive Ottoman Empire

Two members of the Future Syria Party indicated that the Turkish occupation army is intensifying its attacks on the northern and eastern regions of Syria with the aim of forming a new Janissary army, emptying the areas of its indigenous population, change the demography of the region, and revive the Ottomans in it.

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries increased their attacks on the areas of northern and eastern Syria, targeting civilians brutally.

Regarding the policies of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries against the sons of northern and eastern Syria, our correspondent sought the opinions of some politicians on this issue. She met with a member of the General Organization Office of the Future Party of Syria, Ali Salameh, who said: "After Turkey occupied large parts of northern and eastern Syria, From Idlib to Afrin, and with international approvals and Russian deals in order to gain control of the Syrian territories, Turkey makes Syria a focal point for it to control the Arab homeland, after the failure of ISIS mercenaries, which Turkey was financing and supporting, so it constantly seeks to achieve what ISIS mercenaries have failed to , It increased its attacks on the northern and eastern regions of Syria, Mexmûr, and Iraq, targeting civilians to displace them. "

Salama stressed: "The Turkish occupation is trying to restore the scenario of its Ottoman ancestors, by establishing a new Janissary army in northern and eastern Syria to expand in the Arab world from Libya to Syria, Somalia, Qatar and Sudan."

Turkey launches attacks on northern Syria to cover up its internal problems

Salameh stressed in her speech that the continuation of the Turkish occupation with its attacks on the regions of northern and eastern Syria to escape from its internal problems in light of what his country is witnessing from the low economic conditions, taking advantage of the Lausanne Agreement that began in 1923 and ends in 2023.

Salama pointed out: "We all know that the Justice and Development Party is witnessing many defections due to the policy pursued by Erdogan towards his people and his embarrassment in the affairs of other countries, to uniquely set himself up, and in recent times to impose his currency on the occupied territories in order to increase the severity of his economy."

Salama explained: "The crimes of mercenaries with funding from the Turkish occupation aim to empty the indigenous people and change the demography of the region and house settlers brought by Turkey from various parts of Syria from Ghouta, Daraa and all other regions to northern and eastern Syria under the pretext of preserving Turkish national security."

For her part, member of the Center for Women’s Organization in the Future Party of Syria, Barin Ma'amo, spoke about the extermination of the Kurdish people, specifically about the women, and the policies applied by the Turkish occupation army against them because the Kurdish woman demands their rights, and seeks to end the injustice and slavery of all women. "

Barin continued: "The Turkish occupation increases its crimes against women from kidnapping and rape. We condemn these crimes. Women in the Future Syria Party, will persist in educating women in all Syrian cities about democratic thought  to protect women from despotic regimes and occupation."

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