Politicians: Leader Ocalan's ideas could resolve Middle East crises

Girkê Legê politicians stressed that ending the isolation imposed on Ocalan would contribute in resolving the disputes and conflicts of the Middle East.

With the situation in the Middle East in general and in Syria in particular continuing to worsen, the political and intellectual proposals put forward by leader Ocalan regarding ways to resolve these crises in parallel with the escalating demands for the removal the isolation on Ocalan especially with the Turkish authorities continuing to tighten isolation at Imrali prison .

 A number of politicians in Girkê Legê affirm that Ocalan's ideas and treaties would contribute in resolving conflicts and wars in the Middle East.

Idris Mulla Sharif noted that the dominant power in the world continues to strive to benefit from the wealth of Middle Eastern. Therefore, it continues to work to peer peoples against each other, with the aim of controlling them and plundering their goods. He stressed that those powers are not in their interest to promote democracy in the East Middle.

Sharif added that the ideas and philosophy of Ocalan calls for the promotion of the values ​​of "justice and democracy, as an alternative solution in the face of colonial policies,". He added, "The leader seeks primarily to cultivate the values ​​of justice between societies, religions and spectra.

Sharif referred to the values ​​of justice and democracy that Ocalan calls for acceptance and consent of the societies of the Middle East, but these values ​​are not consistent with the colonial interests of the dominant powers. "Therefore, they arrested in cooperation with Turkey the leader and imprisoned him 21 years ago, on Imrali Island." He also added, " tightening isolation aims primarily to keep the leader's thoughts inside the prison, but  they spread among the peoples of the Middle East."

Sharif called for lifting the isolation on the leader Abdullah Ocalan, especially in light of the danger of the spread of the Coronavirus in Turkish prisons.

Ibrahim pointed out that the solutions proposed by the leader Abdullah Ocalan aim to restore the Middle East to its owners and consolidate the fraternity of the peoples away from the conflicts and disputes.

Ibrahim indicated that the Turkish authorities are tightening the isolation on Ocalan in order to drive away these theses and solutions from the Middle East, and thus the continuation of conflicts, wars and conflicts.

He referred to the project of the democratic nation as a model for coexistence between the peoples of the region, noting the need to break the isolation on Ocalan and allow him to participate in resolving the conflict in the Middle East.

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