Politicians, intellectuals criticize Russian negative role in Syrian crisis

Politicians and intellectuals of Afrin criticized the policies of Russia in Syria, describing it as trading in the Syrian crisis to achieve its interests at the expense of the unity of the Syrian territory and the blood of its people, calling on Russia to reconsider its policies and work to end the Turkish occupation.

The region is undergoing an era in which the struggle of states and their tradeoffs on Syrian cities and towns increased to serve their interests and ensure a longer stay in Syria, taking advantage of the circumstances of the war to impose that on the Syrians, including Russia, which forms one of the main conflicting powers in Syria, and has failed to impose an atmosphere of security, peace and the protection of the Syrian territories integrity, but worked in agreeing with Turkey on the division of Syria.

In this regard, intellectuals from Afrin region evaluated the role played by Russia in Syria, criticizing at the same time its policies that led to the occupation of Afrin and opening the way for Turkey to seek to divide Syrian territories.

Russia exacerbate Syrian crisis

Osama Ahmed, the Co-chair of the Intellectuals Union for Afrin Canton said, "Russia has made the Syrian crisis deeper, as it was the cause of consolidating chaos in the region, led to hardening the attitudes of extremist positions such as Jabhet al-Nusra in Idlib and its recalcitrance there, and it opened the way in front of the Turkish occupation to occupy many areas in the Syrian north, and all that in the result of the Russian policy seeking its own interests at the expense of the Syrian people."

Ahmed noted that Russia must have reconsidered its relations with the regional countries in the Middle East and worked to consolidate peace, stability and unity of Syrian territory instead of trading in the territories and people of Syria.

Russia protects its interests only

The intellectual Mohammed Walid said, "During the aggression of the Turkish occupation on Afrin canton, which confronted with heroic resistance by Afrin people and their military commanders, Russia had a great role in allowing that aggression and the occupation of the canton. These policies are not strange to Russia. It is known for searching for its own interests at the expense of the division of the territory of other countries and peoples, as Russia played a major role in the Sykes-Picot agreement, which resulted in the division of the Middle East and Kurdistan at that time."

Walid concluded by saying, "Russia is still looking for its interests only, and to achieve its purpose, the security and unity of the Syrian territories have been exposed to danger, and it opened the way for Turkey to prepare to annex parts of Syria, especially Afrin to its lands."

Turning a blind eye to Turkish violations is deepening the crisis

For her part, the intellectual Avista Ibrahim assessed Russia's policies in Syria, "For Russia's policy, which overlooks the Turkish violations and crimes in Syria, it contributes to deepening the crisis, and although Russia claims to have entered Syria as a guarantor of Syrian rights and territorial integrity, it proves the opposite because Russia caused the prolongation of the crisis, and its deals with Turkey led to the division of Syrian territory and its occupation."

Avista confirmed that the Syrian people; Kurds, Arabs, Armenians, Syriacs and others would not accept the Turkish occupation or the division of the Syrian territory, and they would continue the resistance until the end of all forms of occupation against their homeland.

At the end of her speech, Avista Ibrahim called on Russia to reconsider its policy and correct the violations committed against the Syrian people and land, and to work to end the Turkish occupation in Syria.



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