Politicians from Aleppo: We welcome pluralistic unified Syria, we must focus on liberating all our territories

A number of Syrian politicians from Aleppo city pointed out that the main objective of the Syrians is to liberate the Syrian territories from the Turkish occupation and to reject the division of the geography of Syria saying, "We welcome Syria to be unified and pluralistic against sectarianism."

During the celebration of the first anniversary of the formation of the Future Syria Party in Aleppo in which representatives of a number of Syrian parties and civil institutions in Aleppo city attended, a number of politicians spoke to our agency, Hawar news agency.

The member of Syrians for Peace team Nesrin Ali Barakat congratulated the foundation of the Future Syria Party and said, "We support the objectives of this party because it is concerned with Syrian matters from all sides and aims to unite the Syrian people and land away from discrimination."

In the context of the Syrian Democratic Forces' (SDF) victory over Daesh, Nesrin said, "This is an important step for the people of Syria, and together they stood against Daesh organization which was a nightmare in the region and which was financed by countries that made it a tool to achieve their personal interests. Daesh has been defeated and eliminated today, and we do not forget that women had a pioneering role in the fight against Daesh militarily, politically and socially, and by this unity, victory is achieved."

  Nesrin Ali concluded, "It is a must to preserve Syria's unity and to not be the target of the foreign countries' ambitions that occupied parts of it such as the occupation of Afrin, and what is happening in the Golan Heights. Therefore, as Syrians, we are required to strive to restore all the Syrian lands from north to south and to limit the international contracts that are held against Syria and its people."

In the context, the member of the political bureau of the Syrian National Youth Party Dr. Hisham Deqaq said, "We wish the Future Syria Party to succeed in its political and national functions, and we always welcome Syria being united and pluralistic against sectarianism and racism."

Deqaq pointed out at the end of his speech that on behalf of the Syrian National Youth Party, they always demand that Syria to be unified for the Syrians, and they reject the division of the Syrian map in full, noting that the main objective is "the liberation of the Syrian territories from the brutal Turkish occupation."


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