Politicians and artists:  Unity breaks occupation plans

Politicians and artists in Afrin region called on all political parties to unite the Kurdish rank away from  partisan interests, in the light of the threats and dangers on the Kurdish people.

In light of the crises in the Middle East and the Kurdish people's gains in Kurdistan four parts which is under attacks by the  Turkish occupation state given the current circumstances in the Middle East, it is necessary to unite the Kurdish rank. 

In this context, Hawar News Agency monitored the opinions of politicians and artists in Afrin region, who stressed on the need for all political parties and forces to join hands to achieve the aspirations of the Kurdish people.

 "All political forces and currents must stand together in light of the sensitivity of this stage to highlight a unified national position capable of confronting the colonial forces aimed at dispersing and tearing the Kurdish ranks apart,"  politician Mohammed Rashid said.

"It is important to interact with any initiative for unity by parties, institutions or even by the Kurdish community, in general, which must interact with Commander-in-Chief of the SDF's initiative," Rashid said.

"unity break the plans that are being hatched against the components of the Middle East, which has carried the greatest burden of resistance against Salafism and radical currents."

 "At a very sensitive and important time for the Kurds and Syrians, searching for a solution to the Syrian crisis, we support the initiative of the Syrian Democratic Forces, thus we affirm that the unity resolve the crisis," Barin Maamo, a politician said.

 Syria, especially through the project of the brotherhood of the peoples, and  the democratic nation."  Barin called on all political parties to work towards unity, prevent external forces , and engage in a Syrian-Syrian dialogue.

For his part, artist Niazi Sido warned of division and fragmentation by saying: " division and fragmentation among Kurdish parties reflects negatively on unity. This vacuum and weaknesses is exploited by the enemies of our people.

 Some Kurdish parties cooperate with Turkey, which is the biggest enemy against the rights of the Kurdish people. These parties and Turkey attend international forums as representative of the Kurds, but they do not demand the rights of the Kurds as much as they do what Turkey demands from them."

He concluded by saying: "We emphasize the importance of the initiative of Mazlum Abdi, because its goal is to achieve convergence and unify the demands of the Kurdish movement regardless of partisan differences, thus fulfilling the aspirations of the Kurdish people."


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