Politician stresses need to participate MSD in negotiations

Syrian opposition politician Akram al-Dawli stressed that the Syrian Democratic Council(MSD) has taken steps in the right direction and its participation in the negotiation tracks is necessary to achieve better and more comprehensive representation.

The Syrian opposition politician based in Vienna, Akram al-Dawli, believes that MSD is seeking to organize a workshop abroad, which followed a series of meetings organized by the council under the title of the Syrian-Syrian dialogue, for interaction, dialogue and openness to opposition democratic figures and forces abroad.

Akram explained that the objective of the conference is to define the experience of the Autonomous Administration and to discuss a number of principles and mechanisms that represent the council's view on a road map for the Syrian solution, in addition to discussing the idea of ​​convening a conference of the democratic opposition forces based on the discussions in these workshops.

MSD held a series of workshops abroad with blocks, forces and organizations of the democratic opposition, the most recent in the Austrian capital Vienna on July 12 and 13.

The Syrian Democratic Council has taken steps in the right direction

Akram considered that the path followed by MSD is a step in the right direction and an indication of the correct reading of the requirements and benefits of the next phase, which is a political stage par excellence after the elimination of mercenaries militarily and the decline of military operations in many areas, and said: "This requires the mobilization of efforts of all democratic forces to take their role within the political scene.

Akram praised the work of MSD, especially the workshops abroad, and that the workshops organized by the Syrian Democratic Council are particularly important as they provide a direct opportunity to introduce the experience in the areas of the Autonomous Administration and provide a real picture of them and what they have in light of what is directed to them from criticism and suspicion belong to what is cognitive, political or ideological.

On the political solution, opposition politician Akram explains: " the fundamental influence of the conflict between the international and regional actors in Syria and the manifest inaction of the political solution based on the consensus of the international community through the Geneva process of resolution 2254.

Akram believes, "With all this inertia, it remains the only official path to achieve the aspirations of the Syrian people and the goals of revolution in freedom and dignity and move the country to the stage of freedom and democracy.

 According to Akram, the last days witnessed a remarkable development manifested by agreement on the names of the Constitutional Committee, and the reflected failure of the regime to continue procrastination and impose conditions in many of the rules governing its work.

The participation of MSD in the negotiation process is necessary to achieve better and more comprehensive representation

Akram stressed that the participation of MSD in this process, whether within the negotiating body or the constitutional committee is necessary to achieve a better and more comprehensive representation on the basis of national partnership and to meet the challenges and benefits of this battle against the regime and its allies. He said: "In this context, there is an urgent need to promote a political bloc and the balance of the opposition forces insured democracy and secularism to advance its project and be present in all joints of national action and in all entitlements.

Akram said that work to achieve harmony, interaction and understanding in the north of eastern Syria in an effort to produce a coherent political, economic and social environment will be able to form a force and capable of pushing the political process forward.



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