Politician: parties that hinder uniting Kurdish rank, work for Turkish occupation agendas

Jewan Isso stressed on the importance of holding the conference of uniting the Kurdish rank and called on to abandon the partisan interests asserting that the parties which refuse to participate in the conference, work for the interests of the Turkish occupation agendas. 

The Kurdistan regions are subjected to systematic attacks by the Turkish occupation state which targets all the peoples and the components on the Kurdistan territories and fight all the cultures present in the areas of Kurdistan, especially the Kurds.  

According to these facts, politicians from the people and the leaders of some parties and components and the Kurdish movements in the north of Syria stressed the importance of holding the conference to unite the Kurdish rank which gathers all the Kurds from all parties on the same table.

ANHA conducted an interview with the co-chair of the Diplomatic Relations Committee of PYD Jewan Isso who asserted the importance of holding this conference to unite the Kurdish rank asserting it a strategic step for the Kurdish people.

The conference objective is to unite the Kurdish rank

At the outset of his speech, Jewan said that they in the PYD was at the front of the Kurdistan parties to support this project and the strategic step during this stage and their attitude was clear and constant noting that it is the importance of the joint work between all the Kurdish parties to hold this conference to unite the Kurdish rank.

Isso pointed out that holding the conference "is an emotional, human and national duty in the first place. All political parties, civil society institutions and all segments of society should support this step, as it is considered a fateful step in order to reunite ranks, put narrow party accounts aside, that requires collective action away from all external agendas, which try by all means to put obstacles and separations between all Kurdish and Kurdistan parties."

Parties which do not participate in the conference, work for foreign agendas

On some parties that work to thwart the conference and do not respond to the call of the Kurdistan National Congress, Isso stressed that the personalities, parties and political parties working outside this framework, "coordinate with other hostile parties, and deal with external agendas, in order not to participate in the conference and put obstacles and work against this step and the strategic and important project of the Kurdish people as a whole, and put forward by the leader Ocalan. "

He added that "everyone knows that some Kurdish political parties, including the Kurdish National Council parties until now, refuse to hold a conference, in response to the instructions and directives of foreign agendas, especially the Turkish state."

Jewan Isso called on all parties and political parties to express their position clearly, "because it is necessary to hold the fateful conference of the Kurdish people, in order to send a message to the international community and the ruling regimes in the region that we are a cohesive and united force on the ground and we have one issue, which is the issue of the Kurdish people." 

Jewan Isso, co-chairman of the Democratic Union Party's Committee of Diplomatic Relations in Al-Hasakah, stressed the need to work on resolving all outstanding issues in the region.



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