Politician: Ocalan's message provides area with power

PYD's Diplomatic Relations Official, Bakr Haj Issa, noted that the message of leader Abdullah Ocalan came at a sensitive time, saying, "The leader's message is providing the project of the region with force," and called on everyone to work to protect the gains of the Kurdish people and the general peoples of the region.

The Official of the PYD Diplomatic Relations in the Euphrates region, Bakr Haj Issa, came in an interview with Hawar news agency (ANHA) to talk about the message sent by leader Abdullah Ocalan in his meeting with his brother Muhammad Ocalan in Imrali Island prison on the 4th of March.

Leader Abdullah Ocalan, addressing the Kurdish people, said in his message: "Everything is related to your struggle, if you achieve any development, everything will be resolved, but if you are not able to do that, everything will continue as it is, isolation and bloodshed."

Several goals of the message

And the Official of the Diplomatic Relations in the Democratic Union Party PYD in the Euphrates region, Bakr Haj Issa, said, "The message of leader Abdullah Ocalan came at a sensitive time, and it has many goals. Despite the isolation he lives among the four walls, the people and the cause do not separate him even within his prison, which is in it." His thought is a force and support for the democratic nation project. "

He added: "The leader addresses the peoples of the region, invites them to unite around the democratic nation 's project, and work with perseverance and diligence in order to preserve the gains achieved on the ground with the blood of martyrs, instead of working for individual interests."

A popular strength of all components

Issa also made it clear that the leader Abdullah Ocalan asked the Kurdish politicians to be the eye of the community and the beating heart of it, so that they could direct the community to the right path, and to be able to circumvent the problems that society suffers from.

Stressing that "the leader confirms that the solution lies in the establishment of a popular force made up of all the people of the region, it is only by force that you can protect yourselves and the project you are working for."

Bakr Haj Issa stated that the leader Abdullah Ocalan asks the Kurds in northern Kurdistan to take a neutral path to avoid the Kurdish people falling victim to the plots being planned against them by the Turkish state.

Haj Issa said: The leader said, "For the equation to be balanced in Turkey, the Kurdish people must be a third party from them, and then they can agree with the Turkish state to live in peace. In Rojava in particular, the workforce on the ground must cooperate with the rest of the parties, and proceed." On the path of the democratic nation, and with this step we can reach a solution in Syria. "

He pointed out that "sending the leader a message to the Arab people is a message of reassurance to the people of the region that coexistence is the best way to resist to defend the homeland and live in peace."

The leader Abdullah Ocalan says in his message that his brother conveyed from Imrali prison: “There are many Arab clans in Rojava, you will send them all my regards and appreciation, and also send my regards and appreciation to all the people working there in the institutions, the people who struggle in Rojava, they are very capable and valued, and I bless them for their struggle, they are fighting a blessed struggle, and I wish them victory. "

People are the foundation of strength

Haj Issa continued his speech by saying: "The real power is not the weapon, but the people, which is the basis of power, and the political parties must unite and agree with each other in order to be able to protect society and defend it by legitimate means, and that lies through the agreement between the parties and the people."

He stressed that the message of leader Abdullah Ocalan confirms that the hand that works for personal benefit must be amputated, because the project that we have undertaken for is aimed at the freedom of the people, not personal freedom.

Bakr Haj Issa refers to leader Abdullah Ocalan's talk about personal interests, when he said in his message: “If I hear that someone joined the foundation and used the values ​​for the sake of his family, or for himself, or for the sake of his relatives, I will hold him accountable. This people made great sacrifices.” I am not doing anything for myself, but we have promised this people, this people have made all these sacrifices, we have been working for 50 years, there are many values, and we have made great sacrifices, if you unite, and you turn into strength, you will be able to solve the big issues no one will come and solve your cases for you. "

He concluded his speech, said that the leader’s message extends the project of the region by force, calling on everyone to work for the success of the democratic project in the region, and to protect the gains of the Kurdish people and the people of the region.



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