​​​​​​​Politician: Ocalan's ideas are solution of Syrian crisis

The politician, Mohammed Hussein pointed out that the project of the democratic nation and Ocalan's ideas are the only way to solve the Syrian crisis. They should be put forward in the Middle East.

The isolation which the Turkish authorities imposed on the leader, Abdullah Ocalan continues amid illegal and non-human rights practices and political prisoners.

 In many meetings, the leader, Apo has explained his ability to resolve the crisis in the Middle East in general and Syria in particular.

He put forward several ideas about Syria which will end the crisis and meet all the requirements of the peoples of the region and all the oppressed peoples of the Middle East.

 Hawar interviewed the head of the office of the Kurdistan Green Party in Al Derbasia district, Mohammed Hussein.

"The people of the Middle East are living in conflicts, political crises. The cause is the ruling regimes and the nation states," Hassan said at the beginning of his speech.

 "people got to know that these regimes cannot achieve democracy and common life, as they have not provided anything that serves the people since their inception," Hassan said.

 Hassan said that after all the disasters and crises of the national state system, the project of the democratic nation remains the only hope for resolving the region conflicts, adding, "We see how the democratic the Autonomous Administration system has made all components of the region live together."

Hassan noted that the project of the democratic nation of Abdullah Ocalan is the only way to resolve the crisis in Syria. It is an umbrella for the coexistence of all components of the region.

 Mohammed Hussein, head of the office of the Kurdistan Green Party  in Derbasia, said that the democratic nation system must be put to all components of Syria and the Middle East. The concept of the democratic nation and  the leader's ideology through the experience of northeastern Syria must be put into consideration.



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