​​​​​​​Politician: Kurdish unity to fulfill our goals

Relations official of the Kurdish Democratic Al-Wahda Party in Syria (Yekiti) Muhammad Haider said that the attacks of the Turkish occupation state on the Kurds aim to exterminate the Kurdish people and revive the Ottoman state. He indicated that the Kurdish unity would be a historic step.

Haider's statement came in an interview with Hawar News Agency to talk about the efforts to achieve unity of the Kurdish rank by the Kurdish political parties in Rojava.

Haider believes that "the unity at this sensitive time is absolutely necessary, especially after 9 years of Syrian crisis that Turkey is exploiting to implement its ambitions and intentions to occupy Syrian territories to revive the Ottoman Empire."

He stressed that their demand to achieve unity is not new,"To be stronger, we can face the ambitions and attempts to occupy our homeland."

He added, "The enemies do not want us to achieve the unity of the Kurdish rank but our party see the end of the first stage of the dialogue as a historic step that will achieve the unity of the Kurdish rank."

The Kurdish National Unity Parties and the Syrian Kurdish National Council had reached binding preliminary understandings and a common political vision, at the conclusion of the first phase of efforts to achieve unity of the Kurdish rank in Rojava.

The two parties announced through a joint statement on the 16th of last June, that the Duhok agreement in 2014 on governance, partnership in management, protection and defense is considered a basis for continuing the ongoing dialogue and negotiations between the two delegations with the aim of reaching a comprehensive agreement in the near future.

However, the two parties have not yet begun the second stage of the unity talks, while the Kurdish street is awaiting further steps to achieve Kurdish unity, the people in the region see it as an effective way to stand in the face of continuing Turkish ambitions and threats, and achieve gains in the issue of freedom and rights that the Kurds have been fighting for years.

 Turkey is working to exterminate the Kurds. Unity will make the Kurds stronger

Kurdish politician, Haider explained that Turkey has been practicing genocide against the Kurds for a long time, as it carries out killings, torture and kidnappings that are still continuing to this day.

Noting that Turkey wants to occupy the areas that are predominantly Kurdish, such as Afrin and to make demographic changes in the region to erase the Kurdish identity.

The relations official of Yekit in the city of Aleppo, Muhammad Haider, said that Turkey is fighting any spark for democracy and freedom in any region, stressing that the Kurds will protect themselves from Turkey's attacks.

At the end of his speech, he stressed the need to unify the Kurdish rank and thought, and to convene a Kurdish national conference to represent the Kurdish people wherever they exist, and for the Kurds to be stronger and effective in self-defense.

It should be noted that the member of the Presidency in the Democratic Union Party, Saleh Muslim, had said earlier that the results of the first stage were positive. He made clear that they were awaiting the response of the Syrian Kurdish National Council to start the second stage, as the council did not take any new step to start the new stage.



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