Politician: Kurdish people interests must prevail and avoid infighting

Najm Mala Omar, the Kurdish politician called on the political parties to resolve differences through dialogue. He stressed that the Kurdish interest must prevail over partisan interests, and avoid infighting.

The Turkish occupation state is seeking to drag Kurdish parties in south of Kurdistan ( Başûr) into an internal war, while Kurdish public calls on the Kurdish parties to prevail the interests of the Kurdish people and be aware of the Turkish plots.

The Kurdish issue is the same in all parts of Kurdistan, so Kurdish parties should "put aside the partisan interest," KDP secretary Necmeddin Mala Omar told Hawar News Agency.

"The Kurdish people had been resisting for their freedom, existence and identity for hundreds of years in the four Kurdish parts and the Kurdish people supported all the revolutions against the enemies. So today we cannot put obstacles in front of each other," he said.

"The enemy is fighting by all means to eliminate the Kurds and their identity in the world, so we Kurds should not put borders in front of each other because we are brothers in blood and earth, on the territory of Kurdistan," Mala Omar said.

Mala Omar pointed to the Turkish state's efforts in particular to create conflicts among Kurdish forces, with the aim of eliminating the existence of the Kurdish people.

"The siege on Mexmûr camp will kill its refugees and Başûr should work to provide assistance to them" Mala Omar said, who expressed his indignation over the siege imposed by Başûr parties on Mexmûr camp.

Regarding the turmoil in Zîne Wartê region, Mala Omar stressed the need to understand the plans of the enemies of the Kurdish people, "We must know that the enemy is hatching conspiracies against our people, and provoke Kurdish infighting in order to end the Kurdish presence on their land.

Mala Omar believes that the biggest victory over the Turkish state's plans is to resolve issues and unite Kurdish political and military forces.

Mala Omar appealed to all Kurdish political forces and intellectuals to keep away from that threatens the fate of the Kurdish people. "Today, the Guerrilla fighster, the Peshmerga and the YPG must be united and resolve their disputes to counter the plots of the enemies.," he said.



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