Politician: ISIS trial must be on ground where committed bloodshed 

Politician Taj Eddin Hussein called for the prosecution of Daesh mercenaries, who are being held in detention centers by SDF, in Autonomous Administration's areas to be tried where they committed their horrible crimes.

The issue of the trial of Daesh mercenaries is still being discussed, who are detained by SDF's fighters, which is the subject of discussion and deliberation among the various regional and international powers about the place of the trial.

States who have IS' elements among detainees, it is very important to undertake its duty towards IS' elements to return them back and prosecuting them in their countries.

The Autonomous Administration insists on the establishment of an international court in the territories of north Syria to try them, while some countries seek to establish an international court in the territory of neighboring countries such as Iraq, whose constitution includes the death penalty.

Politician Taj Eddin Hussein spoke on the subject to Hawar news agency (ANHA) and noted the enormous sacrifices made by the peoples of northern Syria as well as SDF's fighters in the fight against Daesh mercenaries over the past years, "The war against terrorism has continued for more than 8 years and as a result of this war in north and east Syria, SDF have sacrificed many martyrs to eliminate Daesh in Syria."

"Those terrorists have traveled long distances from all the countries of the world to reach Syria and committing massacres against civilians, but all of these countries have not taken a responsible position to prosecute Daesh elements who are detained in north and east of Syria," he said.

Hussein said that there are two options for the trial of Daesh mercenaries, either that each state receives its citizens who joined to Daseh to be tried on their countries, or the establishment of an international tribunal "in the same land where they committed the crimes and committed the killing of innocent people, in the north and east of Syria."

Hussein blamed some regional states, particularly Turkey, for obstructing the establishment of an international tribunal in north Syria, "who are behind the delay in establishing an international tribunal, the regional states supporting terrorism, because these terrorists carry Turkish passports. Turkey opened the way to terrorists and supported them and trained them. "He said.

He stressed that Turkey does not want to open international trials against the detainees of Daesh mercenaries, because the investigations and trials will reveal the countries supporting terrorism.

Politician Taj Eddin Hussein renewed at the end of his speech for the establishment of an international tribunal for mercenaries on the ground, which declared his "alleged caliphate " and the land that witnessed the end of the Daesh, in the areas of north and east of Syria. 



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