Politician: international community's silence gives legitimacy to Turkish violations

"Damascus and the international community's silence gave Turkey the legitimacy of arrogance and occupation in several areas of Syria, particularly in Afrin," said the director of the organizational department of the Democratic Union Party in the city of Girê Spî.

The director of the organizational department of the Democratic Union Party in the city of Girê Spî / Tel Abyad Mustafa Muslim said in a statement to Hawar news agency that the Turkish intervention in the Syrian issue aims to prolong the life of the crisis and make it a pretext to seize the Syrian territory and annex it to Turkey, as happened in Iskenderun.

Mustafa Muslim commented on the Turkish intervention in the Syrian crisis and the Turkish occupation' building the division wall in Afrin, which aims to isolate it from its Syrian surroundings.

He pointed out that Turkey wants to revive the glories of Ottoman fascism, which occupied the region for four centuries and looted the region's goods throughout this period and imposed a policy of entrenchment.

He added that "all countries have disappointed the oppressed people demanding their rights and changed the course of the revolution; selling them at political bargaining through the conferences of Sochi and Astana, which was adopted by Russia, Turkey and Iran for the colonial and expansionist interests, and the people of Afrin were their victim."

The Kurdish politician pointed out that "Turkey has attracted all the jihadist factions and supported them in order to carry out its settlement projects and displace the indigenous people and change the demography of the region. It has made Afrin a center of terrorism as well as its jihadist mercenaries. This has led to the construction of a separation wall in Afrin to annex it to Turkey."

As for Turkey's claims of security in the region, Mustapha Muslim said, "The Turkish state's claims about providing security in the region are groundless. We see it as an enemy state. There is no room for dealing with this state until it withdraws its arm from Syria, and deals with its neighboring states on zero-based problems."



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