​​​​​​​Politician from Başûr: Şengal agreement signature is under Turkish supervision

Kurdish politician Mohamed Amin Pencewini said that the agreement that was concluded between the Iraqi government and Kurdistan Democratic Party on Şengal was done at the request of the Turkish State, clarifying that Yazidis would undergo another catastrophe if being left alone another time. 

On October 9th, the Iraqi government and that of Başûr dominated by PDK concluded a deal on the administration of Şengal excluding Yazidi representatives.  

The deal stipulates that Şengal on both administrative and security issues is to be run without the participation of the people of Şengal, or even consulting the administrative and security bodies that were established after it was liberated in the aftermath of ISIS massacres when Peshmerga forces of the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Central Iraqi forces left the region. 

Yesids refuse the deal which they consider as a new plot targeting their presence, because they lost confidence in both the Central Government and the Kurdistan Democratic Party.

In this context, Kurdish politician Mohamed Amin Pencewini talked to ANHA saying that the deal signed between the two sides was reached without the consent of the majority of Yazidis. 

Pointing out that Şengal is now out of the control of the KRG, adding the deal was done with the knowledge of the Turkish State and the United States of America.

He emphasized that the deal that was concluded is to satisfy the Turkish government, "because during the negotiations between the Turkish and Iraqi government, Turkey asked Iraq to eliminate all those who support or sympathize with the PKK, and they are now in the process of implementing the Turkish request," considering it an "unrealistic agreement.

Pencewini clarified that the Central Government and the KRG did not defend Yazidis or Şengal and the whole area, pointing out that ISIS mercenaries occupied the area and committed massacres against Yazidi and kidnapped women and children, wondering as saying:'' I don’t know how the KRG and the Central government would govern the region now''.   



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