Political researcher: Serious steps must be taken to achieve national unity

Political researcher and member of the Union of Intellectuals in the Kobani canton, Masoud Muhammad, said that any dependence by Kurdish parties on foreign countries will not produce a positive result, and stressed the need to accelerate serious steps to achieve national unity.

The talk of Masoud Muhammad came in a meeting with Hawar news agency (ANHA), at a time when the voices are growing calling for the unification of political parties to become one hand to confront the dangers that affect the gains made by the Kurdish forces on the ground in Kurdistan in general and in Rojava in particular.

 Muhammad said at the beginning of his speech that "the personal interests that some parties embrace with foreign countries at the expense of a nation or an issue will earn nothing but shame, and that history has proven that personal interests have eliminated nations, and as is the fate of the so-called opposition that abandoned the revolution and has become a tool for the Turkish state. "

And the Kurds have been persecuted since ancient times as a result of the policies of the systematic foreign countries and they have become victims of these interests, as a result of the reliance of some political figures at that time on these countries to achieve their individual goals.

The researcher said: "In Rojava, partisan forces are divided between each other to several parties, each party linked with an external party, and this reflects negatively on the hopes and achievement of the desired goals of the Kurdish people."

Therefore, "all parties and parties must join hands and cooperate with each other to fulfill their duty towards the Kurdish issue, which has suffered and is still suffering until now, in order not to become a victim of foreign policies."

As Mohammad said: "We, as an Intellectual Union in Kobani canton, have appealed and held several meetings to discuss ways to resolve, reach a positive focus point to start in earnest, and take effective steps that serve the Kurdish issue by all parties, but some of them have had a strict stance towards unity and others have not. He still plays his old strings, making the case vulnerable to the realization of his individual interests, and it cannot be accepted. "

Despite the holding of meetings between some of the parties of the political parties in the region, but until now it has not been agreed to hold an inclusive national conference, which includes all political parties in Rojava, to discuss the issue of national unity.

Masoud Mohamed stressed that "there are parties that cause sowing and sowing discord between the parties to create a state of mistrust in the political arena."

Stressing the necessity of dialogue and discussing everyone’s demands in a serious and diplomatic manner, especially with the parties that are not committed to the dialogue table.

At the end of his speech, the political researcher and a member of the Union of Intellectuals in the Kobani canton, Masoud Muhammad, said, "Any reliance by the Kurdish parties on foreign countries and playing their strings will not produce a positive result, and we must accelerate the achievement of national unity, in order to achieve a democratic project that cannot be defeated and poured into the interest of the people. "



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