Political researcher: abolishing Sikhirat lifts political cover on Al-sarraj

Authorizing Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar to lead the country by the Libyans, has put an end to the constitutional vacuum that Libya has suffered since the expiry of  the Government of Reconciliation, which was approved by 2015 agreement, Jamal Rayeif, a political researcher  in the international affairs. 

Rayeif, told Hawar news agency that Field Marshal Haftar's move, his popular mandate and concealing the Sikhirat agreement, is a turning point in the Libyan situation.

Lifting the political cover on Al-Sarraj and put an end to Turkey's plans

"This is a positive qualitative shift, both in terms of lifting the political cover on al-Sarraj and his terrorist militias that sat at the negotiating table with the legitimate force of parliament and the National Army. This is illogical and abolished by deleting the agreement which paved the way for Erdogan follow his ambitions into Libya under the umbrella of the Sikhirat Agreement. The Turkish president signed with Al-Sarraj agreements that enable him to plunder the wealth of Libyan people and occupy its territories," he said.

'A blatant Turkish intervention that took advantage of the international concern in the face of the Corona pandemic'

The political researcher in the Arab and international affairs, pointed out that what is happening in Libyan crisis can be described as "a corrective revolution led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar with the support of the Parliament and the Libyan people in light of the blatant Turkish intervention, which took advantage of the international concern in the face of the Corona pandemic, and decided to intensify its presence in Libya either by transferring mercenaries from Syria or Turkish soldiers to confront the Libyan army defending the sovereignty of its state."

The analyst noted that through Haftar's move, "the state can escape the spiral of chaos, under Arab umbrella, what remains, is the international community's support for the reform process led by Field Marshal Haftar who defends not only the stability of Libya but is stopping the flow of terrorism from Syria to Libya and Europe."

Rayeif predicted that the next phase will witness " rearrangement of the Libyan interior, fill in the constitutional vacuum and the Executive Authority through a popular Libyan government that enjoys the support of the Libyan parliament. Therefore the Libyan state works to restore its institutions, both the political and economic."

 "The state can escape the chaos spiral and terrorism flow from Syria"

What remains is the support of the international community for the reform process led by Field Marshal Haftar, which now defends not only the stability of Libya, but also to stop the flow of terrorism from Syria to Libya and then to Europe," he said.

Haftar's move eliminates the threat of terrorism and its supporters

"It is in the interest of the European bloc blessing these reform moves that guarantee the security and safety of Libya, as well as the region in general, from the threat of terrorism primarily Turkey, "Jamal Rayeif, the political researcher in international affairs said.



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