Political parties: Turkey fights those who fought terrorism

The Kurdish political parties pointed out in a statement that the Turkish occupation is fighting the fighters who fought terrorism and that its attacks confirm its hostility to the Kurdish people. The Turkish state asserts its hostile practices serve the extremist forces and thus threatens peace and security in the region and the world.

After the meeting of the Kurdish political parties held yesterday in the city of Qamshilo, the parties today issued a statement on the violations of the Turkish occupation army in Başûr Kurdistan.

The text of the statement:

"In contrast to the message of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, in which he called for the adoption of peaceful and democratic solutions to solve the crisis in Syria, where the people of the region and the Turkish people received that message with great satisfaction, the Turkish army launched large-scale attacks against southern Kurdistan using all types of weapons from artillery aircraft. These brutal attacks continue on a daily basis targeting safe Kurdish villages, resulting in the death of dozens and the injury of large numbers of residents of these villages, in addition to the large losses of private property.

It is clear that Turkey's aggressive attacks are aimed at those fighters who fought terrorism in Kirkuk, Makhmur, Shangal and Kobani under false pretexts. In fact, the Turkish state aims to attack those gains made in southern Kurdistan three decades ago, without regard to the sovereignty of Iraq as a neighboring country in violation of all international covenants.

This blatant aggressive behavior by the government of Justice and Development(AKP) confirms its unlimited hostility to the Kurdish people and its national gains and the occupation of Başûr Kurdistan to repeat the tragedy of Afrin.

We call on the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Regional Government to take all measures to stand up against aggression and stop it by all possible political means. We also call on the international community to put pressure on the government of AKP in Turkey to stop this aggression and work to find solutions to outstanding problems by peaceful means.

We also warn those states that the Turkish State, by its hostile practices, serves the forces of extremism and thus threatens peace and security in the region and the entire world. "

The parties that signed this statement are:

• Democratic Union Party (PYD)

• The Kurdistan Democratic Peace Party

• The Kurdistan Democratic Party – Syria(Parti)

. Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party

• The Kurdistan Green Party

• The Kurdistan National Gathering Party

• Kurdistan Liberal Union

• Syrian Kurdish Democratic Accord Party

• Kurdish Democratic Left Party in Syria

• Kurdish Fraternity Party

• The Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria (Yekiti)

• Reform Movement

• Working People of Kurdistan Party

• The Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria (Parti)

• Kurdish Left Party in Syria

• Kurdistan Democratic Change Party

• Kurdistan Renewal Movement

• Kurdistan Communist Party KKP




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