Political forces from inside Syria meet with representatives of parties in its north

A delegation of Syrian forces, parties, and Kurdish, Arab, and Syriac parties will meet in NE, Syria to discuss ways of bringing views closer to internal Syrian issues.

An expanded meeting is now taking place at the center of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) between representatives of Kurdish, Arab and Syriac political parties and forces in northeastern Syria and a representative of forces and parties in the Syrian interior, with the aim of discussing ways to bring the views closer, in addition to discussing the draft of Autonomous Administration and the local administration law in the Syrian constitution.

The meeting was attended by member of the General Council of the Democratic Union Party, Saleh Muslim, member of the Syriac Union Party, Joseph Lahdo, head of the Kurdish Left Party, Muhammad Musa, member of the Unity Party, Mustafa Mashayekh, and member of Public Relations Abdul Ilah Arabo.

On the other hand, Sheikh Nawaf al-Mulhim, Secretary-General of the People's Party, Bruin Ibrahim, Secretary-General of the Youth Party for Building and Change, Mohammad Abo Qasim Amin, Secretary-General of the Solidarity Party, Faisal Azouz, Coordinator of the National Dialogue Follow-up Committee of the Baath Party, Tariq al--Ahmed, member of the Political Office of the Syrian National Party, Fatih Jamous, Fatih Jamous, opposition peaceful change trend, Hussein al-Ragheb, member of the People’s Assembly, head of the Reform Party.

A joint statement is expected to be issued after the meeting later in the day.



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