Political detainees: We continue to resist until our demands are met

The political detainees in the case of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and the Kurdistan Women's Freedom Party commemorated the martyrs who carried out guerrilla operations, and promised to continue resistance until their demands are achieved.

The political detainee Deniz Kaya made a statement on behalf of all political prisoners in PKK and the Kurdistan Women Freedom Party's case.

The statement of the political prisoners saluted in the beginning the guerrilla operations carried out by Zolkuv Kazan, Ayten Beçet, Ogor Shakar and Zahra Saglam. He stressed that the detainees will continue the resistance till achieving their goals.

The statement pointed out that the historical resistance approach launched by Leyla Guven has spread in many countries, and that this resistance is a proof that the philosophy of women's freedom and human freedom pursued by the leader Ocalan has come into practice.

"The comrades of Zolkuv Kazan, Ayten Beçet, Ogor Shakar and Zahra Saglam, and through the activities they carried out against fascism in Kurdistan and the cities of Turkey confirmed the fact that 'history is what is written by resistance.' The martyrdom of our comrades strengthened our faith and our confidence in victory. The values of our martyrs are great values."

The statement expressed condolences to the martyrs' families and all the Kurdish people and added, "On behalf of the political prisoners in PKK and Kurdistan Women Freedom Party, we commemorate with all respect our martyrs who joined the convoy of martyrs in conjunction with the week of the heroism. We renew the pledge to continue and intensify the struggle. We, the 7,000 people who participate in the hunger strike, confirm that we continue to resist until our demands are achieved. We will reinforce the line of resistance around the leader till eradicating the AKP-MHP, and achieving the leader's freedom."

In their statement, the political detainees demanded that all the Kurdish people, institutions and international and Turkish public opinion take responsibility towards this resistance.



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