Political analyst: Iraqi government will resort to other means against Turkish interference

Iraqi political analyst, Wathiq Al-Jabri, explained ,"the Iraqi state will resort to other means at the appropriate time if Turkey proceeds with its intervention in Iraqi lands," noting that Turkey would like to annex parts of the Iraqi lands to it.

The Iraqi political analyst, Wathiq Al-Jabri, came during a telephone conversation with the Hawar News Agency correspondent about the attacks launched by Turkey on border areas in southern Kurdistan and its construction of military bases inside Iraqi territory.

"The Turkish interference in Iraqi territories is a flagrant violation and an assault on the sovereignty of an Arab country, and after that the Iraqi government filed a complaint more than once with the League of Arab States, which also decried and denounced these attacks," said Wathiq al-Jabri at the beginning of his speech.

Al-Jabri pointed out, "the inability of Arab states to take more serious and rigorous decisions to limit foreign interference is due to their lack of a common defense force."

Al-Jabri stressed that Turkey assaulted civilians and occupied a number of Iraqi regions and mountains after penetrating tens of kilometers into Iraqi lands, bombing and killing civilians, and its attacks caused the displacement of civilians and the burning of a number of farms.

As the Iraqi political analyst explained, "Turkey wants to annex parts of Iraqi lands to it, as evidenced by the nature of the map drawn by Turkey, and this action is rejected by the Iraqi forces, and the Iraqi government filing a complaint with the Council of Arab States did not help, and Iraq now has the economy card towards Turkey, which is estimated at about 17 billion dollars annually from trade and is a strong card.

At the end of his speech, Iraqi political analyst Wathiq Al-Jabri saw that "Iraq is going to use diplomatic methods towards Turkey's plans first, and will resort to other methods that are appropriate in its time, while Iraq has many problems inside the country, so it does not have the ability to engage in wars, while the decision taken by the Iraqi government is neither sufficient nor beneficial to Turkey's interventions."

This talk comes as the Turkish occupation army penetrated into Iraqi territory for tens of kilometers, established more than 30 military bases, and is still going to install new bases in an effort to consolidate its occupation of Iraqi lands.


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