PMF's elements killed in Iraq

The Popular Mobilization Forces said that they had fierce confrontations against ISIS mercenaries in Balad and Machishafa regions south of Tikrit in Salah al-Din operations sector, and confirmed that 10 of their fighters were killed in confronting of ISIS attack.

The Popular Mobilization Forces confirmed during their statement that they had surrounded the areas that have been attacked by ISIS mercenaries after the arrival of air and ground reinforcements to secure the areas that have been attacked.

The PMF indicated that 10 of its fighters were killed and others wounded, and they were evacuated to the PMF's hospitals for receiving medical treatment.

The Popular Mobilization announced on the 28th of last month, a joint military operation with the Iraqi army and border guards to cleansing Akashat Desert towards the Iraqi-Syrian border, against the backdrop of the escalation of the attacks of ISIS mercenaries.



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