Plot targeted peoples eager for freedom and is crime against humanity

The people of the city of Aleppo and Ad-Darbasiyah denounced the international conspiracy against the leader Abdullah Ocalan, noting that the plot targeted all peoples eager for freedom, and made it clear that the conspiracy is a crime against humanity.

The mass activities in the city of Aleppo increase with the approaching of the 21st anniversary of the international conspiracy against the leader Abdullah Ocalan, by world and regional powers, especially Turkey.


On this plot, the Hawar news agency (ANHA) monitored the opinions of the Arab component residing in the neighborhoods of Sheikh Maksoud and Ashrafieh.

 Citizen Yasmine Idlibi said: "We, as an Arab component, coexist with all components in the neighborhood, and we have the right to express our opinion in the conspiracy against the leader Abdullah Ocalan, who called for peace and peoples' fraternity, and the liberation of women, and did not differentiate between the peoples of the region."

"The conspiracy was to undermine peoples eager for freedom and to undermine their will, but despite the restrictions imposed by the Turkish colonial government on leader Ocalan, they could not withhold his free thought," Yasmin added.

She concluded by saying: "We pledge to leader Ocalan to walk on his idea, obtain freedom, and continue the struggle until he gets his freedom, and with his free mind we will overcome all conspiracies."

In his turn, Citizen Ahmed Abdullah said, "Through co-existence with the Kurds in the neighborhood in accordance with the principles and philosophy of the leader, we have been assured that the leader calls for co-existence and equal rights for all components."

On the international conspiracy, Ahmed pointed out that "all countries - Turkey and the great powers - conspired against leader Ocalan as a result of his free thought and his focus on the importance of peoples' fraternity and his struggle to remove the mentality of the nation-state, and this matter negatively affects their common interests."

Citizen Ahmed denounced the conspiracy, explaining that the conspiracy is not only against the Kurds, but also on all peoples calling for freedom, including the Arab people.

Citizen Musa Muhammad is also saying: "Leader Abdullah Ocalan called for the peoples' fraternity among all groups of society, but that ideology does not serve the interests of Western countries, because the formation of the People's Union will pose a threat to the interests of foreign countries in the region, and for this we see today the conspiratorial countries are trying to sow discord between the components of the region. "

Ad- Darbasiyah

On the isolation and the conspiracy, which are still continuing on the leader Abdullah Ocalan, Hawar news agency (ANHA) explored the views of the people of Ad-Darbasiyah district, who expressed their condemnation of the conspiracy.

Citizen Malaht Hasso noted that for hundreds of years, the Turkish state has been committing massacres and violations against the people of the Middle East, especially the Kurdish people, and is trying through these crimes to exterminate them and impose their language and culture on them.

Malaht Hesso said that Turkey arrested the leader Abdullah Ocalan "because he demanded the rights of all oppressed peoples, and because his idea was a free democratic thought, and he demanded the freedom of people suffering from injustice and tyranny."

For his part, citizen Idris Muhammad described the arrest of leader Abdullah Ocalan as a "crime against humanity" and said: "Despite his arrest, his philosophy has spread throughout the world and has brought peoples to freedom and democracy."

Muhammad added: "leader Ocalan is an internationalist, and always aims to spread peace and peoples' fraternity in the Middle East and the world, and the experience of northern and eastern Syria is a perfect example of this."

In her turn, Citizen Omar Nawaf pointed out that Turkey's practices against Ocalan are contrary to all human rights laws and all international conventions, and called on humanitarian and human rights organizations to put pressure on Turkey to release the leader.



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