Plot of February 15th, targets Kurdish Cause in Ocalan's personality

Kurds consider in the north and east of Syria that the plot of February 15th , 1999, against Abdullah Ocalan, it is the beginning of targeting the oppressed peoples; the  conspirators failed to prevent his idea from spreading, they demand the Kurdish political parties  for the National unity to counter any new attempts

on February 15th , 1999, the international plot against the leader, Abdullah Ocalan was carried out, in an attempt to end the Kurdish Cause in the person of Kurdish leader Ocalan by the involved countries, but his idea, philosophy and strategy for the future, prevented the fusion of the Kurdish cause, and the Kurdish people increased their determination to uphold their cause and achieve their rights. 

 Every year, on February 15th , mass demonstrations and rallies are held to denounce the international policies  and plot against the Kurdish people. Thousands from west of Kurdistan and the West go out to the streets, carrying banners that demand the freedom of the leader, Ocalan.

 In this context, Hawar news agency correspondent in video reports, monitored the opinions of citizens in different areas, in the north and east of Syria.  It started from Ad-Derbasiay. Ad-Derbasiay people said that the aim of the international plot targets the presence of the Kurdish people in the person of leader Ocalan, an attempt by Turkey and the conspirators to eliminate the will of the Kurds, limit the spread of Ocalan's ideology that aims  to achieve the brotherhood of peoples and the peaceful coexistence between societies.

 People of Ad-Derbasiay district explained that Turkey and the involved countries failed to eliminate the Kurds, but February 15th turned into a day for escalating the struggle and resistance in the  face of Kurdistan occupiers. It is  the day of spreading Ocalan's thought and philosophy to the Middle East and the world. To raise and emphasize the need for resolving the Kurdish issue as a basis for resolving crises in the region.

In the video report, the residents believe that the unity of the Kurdish rank, coming up with a unified political discourse will solve the Kurdish Cause, and defend the region in the face of any attempts or attacks that may confront the Kurds.


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